Toned Bodies In Sync

Who says bodybuilding is for men? A peep into the community event, organised by St+art India Foundation as part of the Mumbai Urban Art Festival, at Sassoon Docks on 12 February 2023 proved otherwise.

The crowd gathered at the venue were in for a pleasant surprise when the announcement of the body-building segment was followed by the entry of Navya Talari who wasted no time in displaying her toned muscles leaving spectators in awe.

Professional bodybuilder Mithun Navkhande with Navya Talari at Sassoon Docks
A body-building novice, Navya is training under Mumbai's Cuffe-Parade-based professional bodybuilder Mithun Navkhande. 

She says, “I started my body-building training a couple of months ago. This event was a first where I participated as a body-builder… It felt amazing!” 

Mithun says, “Such events are a great way to identify and promote local talent. I was happy to be a part of it.”

Martial ‘Arts’ on display

Among the many things that Colaba offers, it’s the local talent that beats many. The heritage-rich South Mumbai precinct has some of Mumbai’s most densely-populated zones that harbour many gifted and aspirational youngsters.

A martial arts demo at the community event at Sassoon Docks
The community event held on 12 February 2023 at Sassoon Docks hosted a range of performances including martial arts by local youth. The feisty young boys didn’t hesitate for a moment to land a kick or throw a punch. 

And, the audience, comprising local residents of the many communities that work in and live around Sassoon Docks, couldn’t be more excited as they cheered for their ‘man’.

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